Office Profile

The firm was founded in 1973 by attorneys Joshua Kramer and Joseph Shapira. In the 1980s, attorney Michael Schneider joined forces with them ("the founders"). In July 2003, attorney Joseph Shapira was appointed as a judge of the Jerusalem District Court, and in June 2012 he was appointed to the office of the State Comptroller.

The founders have been active attorneys since 1972 and they have a wide variety of practice areas.

Among the firm’s areas of practice: Real estate, including complex sale transactions; urban renewal; representation of developers and private property owners; commercial law; corporate law; planning and building; local authorities law; water and sewage corporations; administrative law; tender law including P.P.P. projects using the P.F.I. and B.O.T. method; class actions; municipal taxation (municipal rates – arnona and development levies), including initiated levies; torts; law of obligations; contract law; labor law; sports law; liquidations; bankruptcies; and personal status. The firm’s legal services in these areas include ongoing legal counseling, project guidance, andlitigation. 

The firm represents institutional clients, local authorities, government companies, the largest water and sewage corporation in Israel, listed public companies, non-profit organizations, cooperative settlements (moshavim), contracting companies, project developers, infrastructure and development companies, commercial companies, insurance companies, various non-governmental organizations, sports teams, and private clients. As community assistance, the firm is active in the "Schar Mitzvah"(pro bono) project of the Israel Bar Association.


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Real estate, planning and building
Including representation in planning and building committees, providing guidance to developers and contractors from the land acquisition stage up to completion of the project marketing, handling depreciation claims resulting from scheme approval, expropriation compensation claims. Particular specialization in land taxation, Urban Renewal (National Outline Plan 38/Evacuation and Construction of Rehabilitated Areas), combination transactions, hotel transactions, drafting contracts for complex transactions, etc.

Local authorities and municipal law
Tenders, religious councils, administrative petitions, development agreements, municipal taxation. Moreover, the firm offers unique expertise in the area of water and sewage corporations, and serves as legal counsel for HaGihon, the Jerusalem water and sewage corporation, and the largest company of its kind in Israel.

Administrative law
Including petitions to the High Court of Justice and administrative petitions, counseling with regard to tenders, including to local authorities and government ministries.

Insurance claims, road accident victims’ compensation claims, defamation, medical malpractice, etc.

Commercial law and corporate law
Counseling, legal guidance and litigation pertaining to contract law and the law of obligations, tenders and complex transactions, guiding listed companies, business arbitrations, liquidations, etc.

Labor law
Representation of employers and employees, handling of collective disputes.

Personal status and matrimonial law
Inheritances, wills, estates, guardianship, marriage, divorce, custody, etc.

Environmental law
Green legislation and violations of environmental quality laws. The firm has previously represented the State of Israel in related matters (by appointment of the Attorney General) and provides relevant counseling and representation.

Sports law
Representation of teams and players, litigation at the Football Association institutions, etc. Ronen Weinberg, a partner, serves as vice chairman of the Sports and Law Committee of the National Council of the Israel Bar Association.

Criminal law
The firm offers legal representation services to those suspected and accused of violations of planning and building laws, and of violations of the Penal Law.

Public institutions, NGOs and NPOs
The firm has been counseling and representing a long line of institutions, NGOs and NPOs for many years. The firm provides, inter alia, legal counseling and guidance to the "Masa" project (a joint project of the Jewish Agency and the government of Israel), to the Reut Community Mental Health Organization, to the Jerusalem Theatre Group, and more.

Cooperative societies
The firm engages in providing ongoing legal counseling to several cooperative settlements (moshavim), guides expansion projects in cooperative settlements, and various real estate projects.